Customer Relationship Reviews

Bsquared's Customer Relationship Review is a robust business-to-business (B2B) relationship management tool with a significant track record of success. It focuses on the key decision makers and influencers within an organisation’s most important customers and is an approach to managing those relationships and measuring the level of their commitment without costly technology investment. As such it is used to:

  • Enhance existing commitment, clarify relationships and improve customer loyalty
  • Identify issues and the actions required to prevent defection and focus on customer retention
  • Help recover from negative positions taken by customers
  • Provide data upon which informed business planning decisions can be taken
  • Identify new product, service or business opportunities
  • Gain competitive insight

The reviews are a series of focused face-to-face conversations with selected members of your customer base. It is your own staff that conduct these Reviews because by carrying out the activity of reviewing key customers you:

  • Strengthen the perception of partnership with them
  • Demonstrate that you are willing to understand their needs and share common objectives
  • Show that you are seeking mutual business stability, success and benefits
  • Confirm your commitment to providing high levels of customer service