Customer Journey Mapping

A simple search for customer journey mapping will yield a myriad of maps, tools and templates to use.

At Bsquared we have a pragmatic approach to customer journey mapping. We focus on the outcomes you need and deploy tools which will deliver the powerful, discerning insights our clients expect. Contact us to find out more and read about why it is important

Customer journey mapping is a great method for improving customer engagement. By looking at your organisation from the point of view of your customer, important touch points can be visualised, issues identified and then used to make contact with your company as smooth as possible.

And good customer experience will promote customer loyalty and improve retention.

B2C companies have found that the number of ways customers interact with companies has increased with the plethora of social media channels. B2B companies need to be aware of this, but in many cases the customer's journey retains more of a traditional path.

Why do it?

  • Take a look at your organisation from an ‘outside-in’ perspective, not inside out.
  • Create a shift in organisational perspective
  • Understand and address customer needs
  • Target specific problem areas
  • Company insights and ownership – widen customer knowledge, pull together fragmented understanding

Success factors for a customer journey mapping programme

  • Senior level support
  • Ownership
  • What will happen when the activity is complete – action plan

A customer journey mapping programme will have these elements:

  • Know what outcomes are expected and who will own them
  • Identify or create a template
  • Decide on customer research methods needed (face-to-face interviews with customers, customer surveys)