Rob Brickle

Role: Managing Director

As one of the founders and Managing Director of Bsquared Consulting, Rob Brickle is well known for his Customer Relationship Management expertise. For over 20 years Rob has advised business leaders on change, strategy, technology and systems integration. Rob has spent many years at director level within private and publicly quoted companies in the development, growth, acquisition and integration of service oriented and advisory businesses. 

Rob has a passion for helping organisations maximise the lifetime value of their relationships with key customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders. This has been achieved through a deep understanding of the complex interactions that exist and supporting their decision making on what needs to be reinforced, sustained and adjusted in order to strengthen those relationships and drive competitive advantage.

Throughout his long career, Rob has worked across many industries and with most of the top UK and many global organisations including BT, Cargill, Shell, Nissan, Unipart, Degussa, Ford, Marsh, BAE Systems, Softlab, EADS, Lorien, PE International, JMA, ADS, AgustaWestland, Anite, Cable & Wireless, Global Crossing, IBM, IFS, MBDA, NXP Semiconductors, Prudential, Zurich and many UK government departments including MOD, HMRC and Royal Navy.

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