Our Clients

Bsquared has over 20 years’ experience in helping organisations use the voice of the customer to improve their customer loyalty and engagement.

Our clients value the fact that we are independent and impartial and welcome our flexible, pragmatic approach. We have diverse experience across a wide range of business-to-business organisations and industry sectors and we work with large multi-nationals through to medium sized companies, not-for-profit organisations and trade associations.

Many of our customers are happy to take reference calls to discuss how we have helped them use the voice of the customer to improve customer loyalty and engagement.

Customer driven excellence...

Driving Change using Customer Insight

Bsquared is working with St John Ambulance to improve how it handles and monitors interactions with its customers who purchase traning courses and equipment from the organisation.  We've helped the charity to develop strategic relationships with its key accounts and implemented a new approach to asessing customer feedback. Bsquared helps ensure that St John Ambulance services keep on getting better.

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Measuring Sales Effectiveness for BT

Steve Kempt, Head of Customer Loyalty at BT Innovate and Design, values the contribution that Bsquared's survey capability provides to the strategic and resource planning for Adastral Park - BT's world leading centre of technical innovation.

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Reinforcing Customer Relationships

AWAS required a clear picture of how it was viewed by customers and an understanding of how it compared to competitors. Operating to tight timescales, Bsquared worked with AWAS to create a customer survey which not only provided crucial customer satisfaction information but also told them what was most important to their customers.

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Much more than a Standard CSAT Survey

Satair Group's customer survey not only provided a gauge of customer satisfaction, it also delivered key information about levels of customer engagement. With increased response rates and clear analysis, Satair Group was able to rapidly implement recommended actions.

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Improving Customer Confidence

Bsquared has worked with Airbus Group since 2004 helping to improve customer relations and customer confidence across all businesses throughout Europe. Through running the Customer Review process, Airbus has been able to better understand and act on the key areas that drive the relationship with their customers at a senior level.

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Building a Successful Partnership

Read about how the Bsquared Customer Review process is used to provide a robust relationship management tool for Unipart Logistics and their key customers.

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Changing the Culture

According to Archie Hughes, Chief Executive of the Defence Support Group, Bsquared’s CRp (Customer Review process) has “made winning new business that much easier”. Using CRp through the business enabled DSG to change the culture of the organisation to become more customer focused and competitive.

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Winning Business for BAE Systems

BAE Systems used the Customer Review process as a foundation for it's Customer Voice programme for almost 10 years. This gave a tool for understanding what their customers are thinking and enabled them to identify new business opportunities.

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Getting Close to Customers

How Bsquared’s CRp (Customer Review process) brought in new business, improved customer relationships and has driven a change in structure at IFS Defence.

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Answering the Key Question: Are we providing what our Members need?

ADS needed robust and measurable data to ensure that they were providing the services needed by their Members. The Bsquared Customer Review process combined with an online survey gave a clear strategic steer to the activities valued by their Membership.

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