Practising what we preach - the results of the latest Bsquared Customer Review process (CRp®)

One of the most important sources of business intelligence is your own customers.  At Bsquared we want to understand the challenges we face and how we can best support our clients - we use the Customer Review process (CRp®) to do this.

We are pleased to report that the results of the most recent programme reveals that confidence in Bsquared remains high with our clients seeing our strengths as:

  • Our people  - we are told we employ professionals who project confidence and are knowledgable
  • Delivery of our programmes - always within budget, responsive with fast turnaround times
  • Understanding - empathetic to our client's needs
  • Adaptable - recognising the need to be flexible to requirements and offering a variety of approaches

Moving towards 'Trusted Advisor' level

Moving to ‘Trusted Advisor’ on the 'transformational staircase’ means that our clients now see us contributing at a strategic level to their customer engagement.  The downside, if there is one, of working at this level and having such a high confidence score is that expectations rise as the relationship gets better and naturally get harder to satisfy.  Not a bad challenge to have though.

We recognise that our clients sometimes struggle to drive action and to realise the benefit from their investment in customer engagement. They turn to us more and more for support to help achieve this which presents us with a difficult balance between interfering and helping.  Specifically, we have been asked to "hold their feet to the fire" a bit more and be proactive in chasing progress to help keep them on track and maintain pace.

Providing more innovative solutions

The results from this programme have been gathered during a challenging trading period.  Companies continue to face ever-changing and dynamic business environments.  The differing needs of our clients require a broad range of offerings and innovative solutions.  We recognise this and have invested in developing new services in response to those requirements:

  • Benchmarking Customer Management Maturity
  • Brand and image awareness surveys
  • Aligning the C-Suite on customer engagement
  • Developing the framework for customer engagement
  • Using customer insight to reduce risk in merger and acquisition activity
  • Customer journey mapping

How to get the best out of a programme

Bsquared can help set the framework, gather the information, expose issues and bring clarity to the insight gained.  It is then up to the business itself to take action.  Some companies find this easier than others but a successful programme generally has these characteristics:

  • Sits clearly within a structure
  • Has senior level sponsorship (Board level)
  • Led by a strong project manager
  • Tightly focused with clear objectives
  • Maintains pace
  • Measures the right thing and adds value
  • Develops capability
  • Is used across the business to drive improvement
  • Has a clear ROI

We see these as key to a successful customer engagement measurement programme and will always support our clients to ensure that these are in place before a programme starts.

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