Do you have an “at-risk” client? Here’s how a major US financial institution turned client from disengaged to delighted

Having an at-risk client who won’t engage, won’t return calls or respond to emails is a frequent problem.

Here’s the story of how a major US bank used the Customer Relationship Reviews to turn around an unhappy customer.

The organisation has used the Customer Relationship Reviews for three years. CRp programmes help to establish and promote better client engagement and CRp reviews are an ideal opportunity to spend time with a client in a non-selling, non-intrusive way while getting feedback on the strength of the relationship and areas for improvement.

Using this process with your clients over time allows the information collated to form a Customer Confidence Index® (CCI) which shows how your customers feel you are performing against their most important priorities.

Back to the particular case in point. The interviewers from the bank arrived for the planned CRp review and were given a frosty reception from the unhappy client with only one hour allocated for the meeting and facing three senior managers in combative mood.

Our two heroes arrived well prepared with all of the information about the client and during the course of the review turned the client from disengaged to delighted. Extra time was willingly allocated, and at the end of two hours, they were “leaning into the table, thoroughly engaged and smiling”. They praised them for their sincere engagement and willingness to partner.

So, what was it that made the difference? Honesty on the part of the interviewers that this was nothing more than an opportunity to give open, frank feedback; the format of the review, “a little awkward at first” but gave a good structure for conversation and, most importantly, the Customer Relationship Reviews providing a constructive way to connect with customers.

So, if you aren’t talking to your customers regularly and honestly, someone else may well be. And the likely consequence? A lost customer.

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