New Year’s resolution: Look ‘Outside-in’ not ‘Inside-out’

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Friday 2nd January 2015

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interest free loan to family members Growing a business used to be simple.  It was all about: come up with an idea, find a market, promote and grow sales, achieve economies of scale, get a larger customer base, streamline costs in order to maximize profits, improve the... loans interest rates in india Read more

Making the most of the Voice of the Customer: Rob Brickle looks at why this is important to improve bottom line results marquette bank home loans
Friday 21st November 2014

qualifications for a 100 000 home loan financial loans brownsville texas According to a recent survey of large companies 68% rate their Voice of the Customer programme (VoC) as successful, 6% unsuccessful and 12% think it is too early to tell.  Knowing what your customers think and how they feel about you has...

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Demand for Bsquared services is on the up and we welcome Susanne O’Connell to the team

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Friday 24th October 2014 usda loan requirements after short sale

deutsche bank loan interest rate Creating customer loyalty through greater customer engagement is becoming more important to many companies.  Interest and investment in understanding what drives customer behaviour is rising and is translating into improvements both for... hdfc car loan interest rate 2015 emi calculator Read more

In this post Rob Brickle asks: Customer Engagement – can you measure the ROI?

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Thursday 25th September 2014

While most executives would agree that improving customer engagement is a good thing; finding the evidence to benchmark your own company’s spending on it is difficult.  Perhaps for some that is why it is not always seen as a...

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Practising what we preach - the results of the latest Bsquared Customer Review process (CRp®)

Wednesday 9th July 2014

One of the most important sources of business intelligence is your own customers.  At Bsquared we want to understand the challenges we face and how we can best support our clients - we use the Customer Review process (CRp®) to do this.


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Are you getting the full picture? Nigel Bagley looks at what is needed to create long term sustainable customer loyalty

Monday 23rd June 2014

Satisfaction now - but what about the future?

Customer satisfaction has become the most widely used metric for companies trying to satisfy and retain customers with the ultimate goal of improving customer loyalty and retention.

There are many...

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In his latest blog, Rob Brickle asks: What is the lifetime value of a client and what is their contribution to your business?

Friday 30th May 2014

A two part question and one which a lot of organisations find surprisingly hard to answer.

Sure, an accountant can look back historically and quote revenue, a sales person can quote sales figures.

But is that as far as it goes?  What about...

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