Our latest infographic: The Importance of Customer Loyalty

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Thursday 20th August 2015

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http://denistar.rs/pz/211/3645.html lloyds loans number Success of a business today depends as much on the Customer Experience (CX) as on other business drivers. Increasing the loyalty of your customers brings many benefits and will ultimately improve business profitability. Our latest infographic...

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Seeking customer insight? Face-to-face reviews will give you in-depth knowledge that builds customer loyalty

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Wednesday 29th July 2015

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http://www.ecannus.com/eic/pd/24/450.html loan processing fee refund letter It's a simple fact that the more you know about your customers and what they need from you, the better you can provide for them. Giving them better service is the best way of improving customer loyalty – ultimately giving a more beneficial...

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Customer Loyalty in the Logistics Industry. Are you only as good as your last delivery?

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Monday 29th June 2015

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caliber home loans company Bsquared account manager Susanne O’Connell was previously Customer Services Director for a global logistics company. Here she reflects on how customer loyalty can be crucial in a crisis.

http://bergadressyrstall.se/pd/126/2250.html home loan payoff calculator extra payment In my experience, customers are rarely concerned...

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Rob Brickle makes the case for Investing in Customer Loyalty

Friday 22nd May 2015

We have always been convinced of the case for building a loyal customer base. Many of our own clients have been with us for over a decade and we have seen how gradual improvements in the loyalty of their own customers has improved retention and...

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Investment in the Customer Experience

Tuesday 28th April 2015

We are frequently asked about the Return on Investment on customer engagement activities and spend. We have put together this infographic which highlights key facts and research (including our own) into what organisations are doing to improve the...

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The Gift of Customer Feedback – use it wisely

Monday 30th March 2015

We all like getting something for free, especially when it is perceived to be of value.

Strange then, don’t you think, how some organisations behave with their customer feedback? Just think of the value for a moment. Whether they are highly...

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Do you have an “at-risk” client? Here’s how a major US financial institution turned client from disengaged to delighted

Friday 27th February 2015

Having an at-risk client who won’t engage, won’t return calls or respond to emails is a frequent problem.

Here’s the story of how a major US bank used the Customer Review Process (CRp®) to turn around an unhappy customer.

The organisation has...

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